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Bathroom Tiles Remodeling

Looking To Replace Your Tiles? Stop Looking - Let Florida Reglazing Refinish Them Instead!

We can make your existing tiles feel and look just like new. We fix the damaged tiles, change their color and completely seal out any grout lines. The final result is clear – bathroom and/or kitchen tiles that look incredible and that are extremely easy to clean!

Benefits of Tile Reglazing

  • Save up to 75% of the costs needed to completely replace old tiles.
  • Avoid the horrible hassle and mess associated with tile demolition.
  • Never have to clear your grout even again – we’ll clean, repair & seal it!
  • Get the job done quickly – within a couple of days your tiles are fully reglazed!


You’ll definitely find the color you love with our wide variety of breathtaking stone-look finishes, together with our wide selection of solid colors.

Modern steam bath with mosaic tiles
tiling the tiles in the kitchen

No More Grout Issues!

Does the grout in your property look terrible? Is it cracking or terribly difficult to clean? Florida Reglazing can help you with that. We’ll take care of all your grout issues by fully repairing and cleaning it for you. Once we completely prepare the relevant surface we’ll refinish it. This will completely seal the grout lines, thereby solving moldy and cracking grout for good. Achieve the stunning appearance of stone tile without the great hassle of fixing and cleaning grout lines on a regular basis.

The process of reglazing is one that can effectively restore various home appliances and fixtures to a virtually all-new condition. In case you’re considering completely replacing your property’s bathtub with a new one, you may want to reconsider. Refinishing, aka reglazing, is a far superior and profitable way to renew your bathtub that will save you both precious time and hard-earned money.


Why Choose Florida Reglazing for Tile Reglazing?

  • When it comes to tile reglazing, you won’t find anyone more experienced than us. By serving Miami Beach County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County, we’ve got most of South Florida covered!
  • We don’t waste time! Once you request a quote, we’ll discuss your project, provide an estimated timeframe and budget for your project, and start working as soon as possible. You’ll be able to enjoy your new-looking tiles in no time!
  • We don’t just hire any technician we stumble upon. All of our qualified team members have been hand-picked by the management team to match our company standards – excellency in all fields!
  • We don’t play around when it comes to money. The quote you’ll receive from us is what you’ll need to pay by project completion. Unless something unexpected occurs or any special requests are made, you’ll pay exactly what you were told!
  • Due to the standards of our work, your refinished tiles will last and look great for many years. We back that up with our 5-year guarantee!
A newly installed kitchen, new cupboards and range, and tiling on the walls.
Ceramic Tiles Wall Install

Tiles that have lost their shine or look old and tired can completely damage the look of your bathroom or kitchen, regardless of how good-looking other components of the space may be. With Florida Reglazing, we can reglaze your tiles and completely bring them back to life. We can additionally change their color by making them black, white, pink, gray, or any other color you choose.

If you live in Miami Dade County, Broward Dade County, or Palm Beach County and have tiles that can use some work, call us today! Our numerous positive reviews in South Florida don’t lie – when it comes to tile reglazing, there’s nobody better!

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